Weekend reading and cooking


This weekend I’d like to; 

See lots of people at the Orange Farmers market tomorrow morning!
Buy some stone fruit there and make more jam with Alice
Steal Tim’s Land newspaper for their great coverage of the Northern NSW floods  
Use up some dried lavender in this hot chocolate recipe 
Get all agri-political and fume about farmer misconceptions  
Try to remember some French from school and browse this incredible blog. The food styling is ah-mazing
Make truck drivers pasta in honour of the hundreds of truckies we passed this week driving to and from Adelaide 
Get all inspired by ‘project lunchbox’ and step it up a notch for next week's lunchboxes
Make granola cups (cool idea).


  1. Can't wait to hear how you go with lavendar hot chocolate - where have you gotten your lavendar from?

  2. Oh my - that Griotte blog looks incredible! Beautiful, beautiful photos. Also, the Project Lunchbox is a good find as well - am always searching for inspiration in that department!!


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