Weekend reading and cooking


this weekend i’d like to...

Go orchard shopping (above) for plums, berries and blackberries and then come home to make this tart.

Read through Orange’s just released F.O.O.D Week program 
and get booking

Imagine Tim hosting a men’s tea party like these ‘noble savages’  (the seed cake recipe here is beautiful)

Get excited that Orange’s orchards have started selling new season apples by making this rosemary apple butter

Convince my kids to eat everything

Feel better about my baking disasters after seeing the ones on Cake Wrecks

Disagree with this argument that junk food is cheaper than cooking at home

Make beetroot and poppyseed muffins

Try to understand how those Freakonomics guys can argue that local food systems are inefficient...

Read up on Slow Food USA’s brilliant $5 challenge;

Get retrospectively romantic with this Valentine’s Day round-up


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