This weekend...


This weekend I'd like to....
1. Plan to get a truck like this for the farm (off-message I know - but pretty cool!).
3. Be inspired by artist Harriet Goodall's blog, starting with the recent post about her beautiful beautiful wedding! And by the way, Harriet is hosting a basketry workshop here at our Farm Kitchen on Friday August 10. More information will be coming through shortly, but if you would like to put your name down please email me.
4. Make apple sauce and then head over to fab blog Food in Jars  for the recipes on its 'Preserves in action' page.
5. Swing by my favourite shop in Sydney, The Bay Tree, while in town this weekend for a hen's party, whoohoo! 
6. Read and start cooking from this awesome book.
7. Make Sarah Wilson's sugar-free raspberry ripe slice.
8. Make soup for next week's school lunches.

My posts elsewhere this week
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Let comfort food season begin - Sweet potato, lamb and tomato 'pie'


  1. Happy weekend, this all looks beautiful!

  2. Your links are just great, Sophie. Have a terrific weekend! x

    1. Thanks! Hope you are having a great weekend too.

  3. Love the new logo and banner Soph! And as always - love your posts - so inspiring!


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