This weekend...


This weekend I'd like to

  1. Make the perfect crumble like this one for our Farm Kitchen lunch on Sunday
  2. Browse through The Selby and plan to one day having a cheese fridge (and minature horse) like this German style queen.
  3. Make broccoli stem pesto and feel good about being such a resourceful cook
  4. Make these Sweedish rolls
  5. Bake a batch of berry and oat bars via Jillian Leiboff's beautiful blog 
  6. Cook with economy and grace 
  7. Eat sugar buns by the fire
  8. Dream of warmer weather and having a shack like this
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  1. Wonderful blog you have, fascinated me. I have met in dear Charlie's blog,

    Thank you, with my love, nia

    1. Dear Nia, thank you so much for your comments. And thanks to Charlie too!!


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