The Friday list and pies


  • I discovered Log Cabin Cooking today via Small Measure. It’s everything I love in a food blog; every recipe comes with a story and lots of love and the author is full of personality.  Plus you’ve got to love a woman who argues that all life’s problems can be solved with pies. Her theory that frozen berries make the juciest pies has inspired me to pull our last stash of blackberrries from the back of the freezer and make this recipe (pictured above), which I posted earlier in the year over on JustB.
  • Still on pies, and Herriot Grace’s For the Love of Pie series just keeps getting better.
  • Orange and honey madeleines via Vincent Van Gogh via Feasting on Art. 
  • With the 10cm of snow we are expecting tonight, perhaps we’ll keep warm with a mug or two of this chai concentrate stirred through some warm milk and a splash of whisky.
  • Cheese souffle via a new favourite food blog, Local Milk.
  • Katie Quinn Davies’ weekend salad recipes.
  • We should definitely get this antler stamp for ‘work’ correspondence
  • I’d love to live in a place called Butterland and have a roast like this every Sunday.
  • Honey tea cake? Yes please.
  • I am off to Copenhagen next Wednesday so am reading up on all things Danish, starting with the awesome House that Lars Built.
  • Anyone planning a wedding? This one in Provence might be a bit inspiring.
My writing elsewhere this week
A fresh lemon, feta and lamb salad for JustB
Sausage, fennel and tomato hot pot on Village Voices


  1. Thank you once again Sophie for beautiful places on the interweb! I want to live in Butterland too, oh and that wedding...almost makes me want to do it all over again...almost! :)

    1. Hi Jane, I know doesn't that wedding look incredible. Maybe I could convince Tim to organise a 'renewing of the vows' in France one day....maybe not...!!!

  2. Just discovered your blog from Country Life Experiment and now going to trawl back through your pages. Lovely!

    1. Hello Anne, thank you so much for your comment. I look forward to discovering your blog too! Thanks again, Sophie

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Qu! Hope you had a great weekend, Sophie

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Johnny. Yep that's a great pie recipe, hope you are inspired to try it one day! Sophie


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