12 Days of Christmas Baking - Christmas pudding 'on ice'


Gail and James Kendall of Small Acres Cyder live in the Borenore valley just out of Orange and there, produce a range of boutique ciders. They also have two beautiful girls who are good friends to our little people and we always love visiting their house/orchard/cellar door.

When I asked Gail, a fabulous cook, to contribute a recipe to our Christmas baking series she suggested this very cool, easy and delicious idea. It stars their new dessert cider Pomona Ice, served simply over good vanilla ice cream and fruit mince. And it's just beautiful.

Christmas pudding 'on ice'

This would be ideal for Christmas Day dessert; no cooking involved, just a last minute assembly job and you have an elegant, easy pudding. Serves 6

1 1/2 cups fruit mince (recipe here)
1 bottle Small Acres Cyder Pomona Ice (thoroughly chilled)
1 litre best quality vanilla bean ice cream

Spoon ice cream into bowls or serving plates, top with fruit mince and then pour over the Pomona Ice at the last minute.


  1. Plum pudding ice cream is the only way to eat pudding if you ask me! x

  2. Hi Soph - Gail and I chatted about some other ideas for this combo, they included, meringue and cream. A little bit of Small Acres Mess if you will. I am serving a variation for Chrissy Day.X


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