Postcard from Sydney - The School


I realise that this post is a touch 'off-message', but just wanted to share a few photos from yesterday's flying visit to Sydney's The School.

Stylist, author and creative sage, Megan Morton presides over this unique space and yesterday hosted classes on making your own pineapple pi├▒ata and an introduction to Photoshop and Illustrator. I went along to the latter.

Our teacher was the very clever and lovely Simone Madigan and all-up it was a wonderful, inspiring and delicious day. Cakes, wraps and coffee were provided by neighbouring canteen of cool; Kitchen by Mike, and further inspiration from homewares gallery Koskela (also adjoining The School).

Megan's creativity and generosity is pretty fun to be around, and the upcoming schedule of classes very tempting. I'd love to go back soon, but in the meantime will try to put my new-found Photoshop skills to work here on Local is Lovely! Thank you so much Simone and Megan for a memorable day.


  1. Sounds great Sophie...this looks like a beautiful inspiring space to be in regardless of the class. Mastering Photoshop will be a great skill to have! Having recently been to Adelaide for a photography workshop I sometimes wish I lived closer to these learning opportunities! All part of our good country life I guess? I look forward to following your adventures again this year x

  2. It was SO lovely to meet you on Saturday, Sophie! It was an inspiring day, so great to do something for ourselves once in a while isn't it! I love this space you have here and look forward to following along. Belinda x

  3. Fantastic Soph - looks like fun! xx


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