The Friday List and mushrooms


Autumn has well and truly arrived here in Orange. The apple harvest is in full swing, quinces are almost ready to pick, hazlenuts and chestnuts are falling and mushrooms are popping up everywhere.

My parents-in-law Judith and Andrew have an amazing garden that incorporates a wooded area covered thickly with pine-needles. Under this carpet are hundreds of beautiful pink saffron cap and porcini mushrooms, creating little mounds as they push up to the surface.
We've been harvesting bucket after bucket this morning, and now face the not unpleasant prospect of cooking mushrooms all weekend, kicking off our fungi-fest tonight with an old-school classic, venison stroganoff.

But for now, here below are a few links to articles and recipes you might like to read and cook in the coming weeks. Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Oh my Sophie...just picking myself up off the floor from that slideshow too, those adorable girls in those white shirts, and is that a wood oven in the background of that incredible kitchen!? When have pencils in tin cans looked so good!? Amazing.

    I have just discovered Fete and am also eyeing off the brioche buns and planing to make them soon.

    Lovely links indeed...sigh :)


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