For the greater pud


It's a cool Sunday afternoon here in Orange, it's been a busy weekend and we are all exhausted. Time for some comfort food.

I posted this pear, hazlenut and caramel self-saucing pudding recipe over on my regular Village Voices Cooking with Kids page last Friday and had been planning on making it again tonight but since losing the top of my right thumb to a mandolin slicer and temporarily losing the use of that hand; will be handing over most of the prep to my assistant Alice. She has vetoed the nuts but otherwise approves of the recipe! Happy Sunday, Sophie.


  1. You did WHAT!?!? Would you please take better care of yourself, Soph!? x

    1. Oh I know, it's sooooo annoying. And makes typing really hard! Couple more days and I'll be fine. Sx

  2. Yum! This is going into my recipe file for winter :)

  3. Poor you Sophie, both you and Tim with cooking injuries from FOOD week! Rest up and thanks for sharing..


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