She was apples


For the past few days we have been baking, eating and stewing apples like its going out of fashion (it isn't). And it's all because of the Orange Apple Festival. Of all the recipes we've been trying, my most successful offering so far, among Tim and the kids at least, has been the above strudel. It's a really nice, simple recipe and perfect for pudding on a cool Autumn evening. 

Our region has spent the past few days celebrating the Orange Apple Festival and our farmers market on Saturday morning had a distinctly apple-y crunch to it. Every school contributed apple-themed art work to the agricultural pavillion's walls, and Alice was chuffed to see her picture displayed with the rest of her class (below). There were free apples for everyone, apple bobbing and yes, lots of beautiful fresh apples for sale.

We were there with our venison and it was a nice, busy market. Actually I was hoping to have a chance to potter around and take more photos but it never really happened, though on the way out (rushing to make it to Alice’s soccer match in time) we tried some gelato from Molong and stocked up on pears and apples from our friends Katie and Beau of the Nashdale Fruit Co.

Thank you so much to our farmers market Manager Cath Thompson and all the volunteers, teachers and growers who made the fantastic Orange Apple Festival happen. It was a great few days and a good reminder to us all of the big part that apples play in Orange!

Then yesterday (Sunday) we hosted a sold-out Mothers’ Day lunch at the Farm Kitchen. Again, we were a bit flat out so I didn’t even have a chance to stop and photograph anything other than the below. Hope everyone had a great weekend and an apple or two as well.


  1. So much beautiful apple colour and goodness here Sophie, I am tempted to cook an apple cake right now!

  2. The strudel looks delish! I love anything with stewed apple! Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day!...xv


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