The July List


Somewhat late in arrival.... here is the July List. I do apologise for not posting this little collection of reading and links earlier, but things have been rather hectic here recently with Tim and I moving around like like ships in the night, travelling to and from Sydney for farmers markets and around the countryside for work.

I'm just back from a night in Mudgee (see above) where I caught up with a few farmers for my book. Speaking of which.... the manuscript is due in just a few weeks and time is hurtling along, so I'll sign off for now and get back to my writing. Happy reading! Sophiex


  1. Good evening Sophie, what a lovely post and thank you once again for the generous comment and link.

    I am loving Fete too, isn't it beautiful? I adore the winter cover and that deer jumper. Once again you have put together 'hours' worth of delightful internet reading.

    Good luck with the book writing, I am so excited for you x


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