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My sister-in-law Penny Hanan has just launched a business called 1803 Artisan Deer Design.

I know it might seem a little off-message to be writing about handbags and knives here on a blog that concentrates mostly on farmers and food; but 1803 is so closely linked to our farm and the whole project so exciting that I just had to share the love.

Penny uses the antler and leather from our farm here in Orange, and works with Australian artisans to transform them into a range of stunning pieces that are all available now on her site.

The 1803 handbags are buttery soft, made by hand and seriously beautiful (I'm in love with this deep charcoal blue clutch...that's a hint Tim...). They are made with our deer leather, which is hand-cured in Port Elliot by tanner Tony Scott. Tony is one of the last people in Australia to tan leather using traditional, natural processes and we visited his workshop last year. He is a true craftsman and puts lots of love into every piece of leather or suede he creates.

Once the leathers are ready, they go to leather craftsman Jarren Borghero who hand cuts and sews each bag, lining some with hand-printed fabrics by Julie of Cloth Fabric.

The knives are hand-forged by Tasmanian bladesmith Tom Hounslow. Tom is based in the Huon Valley and forges the knives from recycled carbon and stainless steel before setting them in handles made from our antler. They are a joy to use.

Get the idea? 1803 is a pretty unique enterprise, bringing together some amazing producers and artists, including my husband the deer farmer!

We are so very proud of what Penny is doing and thrilled that we can work together on our collective businesses. Please take a moment to look at the below video by Meanwhile Outside. It is the perfect introduction to 1803 and Penny's work.

1803 - Artisan Deer Design from meanwhile outside on Vimeo.


  1. Oh Sophie...I love this before I have even looked at the links or video, which I am about to do, naturally. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Lovely enterprize and video and products...unfortunately out of my reach however they do look lovely. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. Really enjoyed watching the video of your family farm, I can't wait to come and see it for myself one day. When I'm sourcing food for my family and animal products like the knives and bags, it's important to me how the animal has been cared for. I could tell from reading your blog and meeting you all saturday that you are indeed passionate and caring when it comes to your animals. We are so delighted to finally have a good supply of venison for our table without having to get it flown in from New Zealand. Now to prepare sunday lunch, roasted venison racks. Will take photo's with the new canon.


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