Random weaving workshops with Harriet Goodall


Feeling the need to get creative? Fancy the idea of a day in the country making baskets, weaving natural materials and eating good local food? Then please join us for Harriet Goodall's basket weaving workshop at the Farm Kitchen this coming October.

Harriet is an incredibly clever artist and hosts workshops all over the world so we are thrilled that she has agreed to come back to the Farm Kitchen and teach with us again.

This time Harriet is teaching not only a full day adults' workshop on Thursday October 3, but also a half-day kids holiday session (primary school ages) on Friday October 4. I've already booked Alice in on the fourth and know it's going to be a fantastic, creative morning for the kids (I'll be providing morning tea and a light lunch for them too).

So If keen to join us for either or both days, please click through to Harriet's website (and if you haven't before, check out her fantastic blog) and book online. Both adults and children will leave their respective workshops with a basket of their own and full tummies too.

The courses will be held here at our Farm Kitchen about 20 minutes out of Orange, Harriet will be teaching and I'll be making morning teas, lunches etc. They are going to be awesome.

These photos were taken at Harriet's last class here, for more on that day, please click here.


  1. This would be wonderful Sophie! I hope you are having a lovely weekend x


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