The Friday List returns!


Earlier this year I committed myself to posting a bunch of links to nice blogs, recipes and articles every Friday. Then as life became busier over winter this morphed into a monthly list and recently stopped altogether.

I 'm sorry about this. It's nice to share good finds from the interwebs and I love it when other blogs do too (thank you 101 Cookbooks, My Darling Lemon Thyme and Cook Republic to name just a few). So now I'm swerving back to a regular Friday list but in a more manageable form this time; every Friday I'll post five finds from the week, plus news from the farm and the odd book give away.

While making commitments, from now onwards I'm also going to keep a regular posting schedule; Mondays for farm/market/producer stories, the odd Wednesday post and every Friday for our lists and news. And in this flurry of planning, I'd also love to hear any feedback on what people might like to see more or less of here on Local is Lovely. Is two posts a week too much? What kinds of stories do you like? Please tell me and I'll write them.

The Friday list returns...

I love absolutely everything about Nordic collaboration Food Studio (based in Oslo); like the way they bring food and music together, what they cooked, and how they styled the menu for the launch of Marimekko’s beautiful weather collection and how they think we should all have our own pop up restaurant every now and then (and provide detailed, step by step instructions on just how to do it)  I could go on...these guys ROCK.

Dorie greenspan on why she bakes - why do you?

Gorgeous video of Ashley English (blogger behind the lovely Small Measure) hosting a preserving party. Not a bad idea as we head towards Christmas! Maybe we should do something similar up at the Farm Kitchen...anyone?

This Russian grocery store is just a tad more flash than our local supermarket...

My sister-in-law Penny's beautiful printed leather and hide 1803 cushions have arrived; they are so so beautiful.

Stonefruit and berry season is still a few months away for us so I'm bookmarking this tart for January

I did one of Holly Becker's e-courses before starting this blog and found it just invaluable, she is starting another round in November and this one sounds just awesome

Food by colour; a beautiful lunch via La Buena Vida

She Sows Seeds shares her perfect muffin recipe

Love the look of this baked berry porridge

How have I only just discovered Hemsley & Hemsley? These two food babes are awesome! Lost a good hour on this blog last night...

Slow cooked salmon from Yummy Supper

Move over macaroons, forget it donuts - chou puffs are the new thing (apparently)...

This post from Orangette about a writers' retreat in called Hedgebrook (check out the website, what an incredible place!) has inspired me to encourage Mum to open her amazing woolshed/studio for a series of creative retreat weekends next year. Mum...what do you say?!!! In the meantime, I'm definitely going to try that fruit filled butter cake recipe!

Just love the styling/photography and food in this post from Griottes

This post is completely out of season for us in Australia but also completely beautiful; Hello les pamplemousses by My Little Fabric

Another Autmnal/out of season post for us here in Australia...but having lived in this area myself for a few years (many years ago),  I can't get enough of this blog and the author's beautiful words and photos from her life in Alpine Italy. 

How I'd love to host a dinner like this on our farm (see below)...a beautiful post and clip from Meanwhile Outside for Old Mill Road

The Farm Dinner Table from meanwhile outside on Vimeo.

Again, this is out of season but I loved this little video from Happy Yolks (and the look of those donuts) anyway.

Happyolks | Field Notes from Happyolks on Vimeo.

Berry season is almost upon us. Whoot whoo. Lets celebrate with a raspberry tart via this beautiful clip by Tiger in a Jar

raspberry tart from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.


  1. Oh thanks for sharing little ol' me in this fabulous list Sophie! I am doing Holly's course, and did her Blog Your Way course a few years ago - so good, am feeling in a bit of a blogging funk and a tad uninspired so this is exactly what I need I think! Off to discover all these other beauties you've shared...have a great weekend at the market! xxx

  2. Weekend retreats at your Mums place sound so tempting Sophie and am so glad the Friday list is back. Look forward to seeing regular posts - have missed them. Loved the Christmas series last year and I wonder if you could extract a few more recipes out of Josie or Lesley.Hope too that your books out soon. Best wishes Adela


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