Stills and the Friday List


This week has flown past, another busy one, so this Friday List has been a bit of a scramble. Most exciting for me was that my book finally went to print, phew. Now we just have to wait for April to see the real thing. I'm also able to share the cover design and will pop it up here on the blog this coming Monday. In the meantime, here are a few stills from the week that was, and a little collection of links below.

Stills Collection

1 & 2. Tim moved some of the deer into a new paddock this week and they couldn't be happier there. 2. Our lovely German customer Wolfe just sent over these deer-skin Leiderhosen for Tom. Now he and his Dad have matching pairs. It's all a little bit National Lampoon European Vacation I know, but they are too cute (and apparently comfortable) not to use. 3. Why indeed? 4. Cruising Cudal's main drag. 4. I made these polenta chips with caramelised garlic mayo for Village Voices this week (and they were delicious). 5. One of our stags looking rather happy with himself. 6. Dining table.

The Friday List

New season garlic is just hitting the markets and shops so here's some inspiration for cooking with it! The Guardian's 10 best garlic recipes 

Lots of great newsy items in this post from Feasting on Art, including a little teaser for the Museum of Sydney's new exhibition, Eat your History: A shared table (from now until March 2014). I can't wait to get along and take a look. Sadly I won't make it to this exhibition in Chicago, Art and Appetite: American painting, culture and cuisine but will be spending a fair bit of time reading the online cook book its curators put together (take a look, the quality and quantity of content is incredible).

This looks like one fun party.

This place just may be my dream cottage - designed and posted  by the beautiful Kitka blog. And also from those clever folk, a little armchait travel to Quebec and then Japan

And here, one of my favourite food writers visits one of my favorite cities.

What I would have given to be at this four-day photography and styling workshop in Spain. Holy paella. 

Healthy and delicious looking muesli bars from My Darling Lemon Thyme

Pistachio dukkah from the always inspiring Lush Loves, little jars of these would make great Christmas presents.


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