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Last weekend the lovely family behind one of my favourite blogs The Beetleshack, came to lunch. Having been a fan of Emily's blog for a while now, it was great to finally meet this gorgeous girl in person. The kids had a great play, we had a barbecue, Tim and Dave talked farming and then we piled everyone into the ute for a bit of a look around the place. One of the elements of Emily's blog that I most enjoy is her weekly collection of stills. And as I'm trying to improve the quality of pics featured here, thought doing something similar might be a good way to get into the habit of taking more photos (which apparently is the best way to learn!). So from now on, I'll try and combine my weekly Friday list with a few photos from the farm and hereabouts.

From top to bottom: 1. Here's Alice being a backdrop for a batch of Christmas muffins I made this week for Beerenberg (recipe to come!). She's wearing the prettiest thing in her cubpoard, an (un-ironed) embroidered dress made by Mum for Christmas last year. 2. We had rain this week - lots of it too! Hurrah. I hope that everyone else in need of a bit of precipitation were as lucky. 3. The final pages of my book arrived for one last look. It's so gorgeous, I can't wait to share the whole thing. 4. Driving between Cudal and Cargo yesterday. 5. Making Anzac biscuits from Anneka Manning's Bake Eat Love book and getting excited about her workshop here this coming Tuesday (still a few spots available, more details here).

The Friday List

Just can't wait to make this salted rose and honey pie and will definitely be giving these cranberry and chocolate chunk scones a whirl sometime soon.

Always love dropping in to the Shady Baker, a beautiful blog full of great food, images and stories from Jane's garden, kitchen and country world. And here's another favourite Australian blog, the gorgeous and new-to-me @ Down Under is a wonderful site full of beautiful food and photography. Can't wait to try the recipe for Kalacs, an Hungarian brioche-style loaf.

Off we go to Oslo! A little armchair travel via one of my favourite Scandinavian blogs, By Fryd

What beautiful styling for this Kinfolk event in New York, and a little closer to home, here's a fantastic round-up another recent Kinfolk do; this time in Berry NSW. Again, what amazing food, photography and styling. Sigh.

Um...I think I might be guilty of using one or two of these 'food words we hate'...

It's almost strawberry season here in Orange and I'm a bit keen to try this Strawberry spelt shortcake recipe from Miss Food Wise. Still on baking pretty things, a slice of this angel cake with yogurt frosting is also on my 'things to bake very soon' list.

From the always beautiful Cannelle et Vanille, these roasted carrots with honey sage dressing look perfect. 


  1. Love popping into your Friday list Sophie ... it is always full of inspiration x
    That embroidered top is very very pretty.

  2. Hello from the topside of the planet. Enjoying the venison recipes and photos here.

  3. Hello Sophie, thank you once again for the kind mention and link! Lovely to appear on your beautiful blog.

    I love your photos...keep them coming! That embroidered dress is gorgeous. I sigh when I look at Kinfolk too, impossibly imperfect style. I love it too.

    Have a great weekend x


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