Stills, the Friday List and happy Christmas!


Hello and happy Christmas weekend!  This will be my last post for a week so happy Christmas and see you on the other side!


A few pics from our Christmas-y week...
1, 2, & 3, Christmas details from Mum and Dad's house where we are staying at the moment. 4. Early light on the farm yesterday morning. 5. Sour Cherries at the Nashdale Fruit Company's orchard. 6. Making gingerbread with the cousins - heaven.  7. The apricots this year are amazing, I'm working on an apricot post for next week and cooking and eating them like nobody's business. 8. All our teacher presents ready and wrapped.

The Friday List (last for 2013!)

If you still have the time/energy/inclination to make Christmas presents (I'm out of all of the above), these infused syrup jars look easy and beautiful.

Armchair travel - France via Herriot Grace (the weather, colours, food and location in this post are all my idea of travel heaven). And then lets pop over to New York for Christmas...

Cinnamon crunch bread and butter pudding from Seasons and Suppers

Everything on this blog is so stunning, and I'm very keen to host a preserving the season dinner and workshop like this at the Farm Kitchen next year - who's in? 

If Kinfolk says eggnog is cool, then it must be - right? I've never really been on-board with this rich, eggy drink but if looks are anything to go by, am prepared to try one or two of these recipes.

I know it's not good to covet amazing is this French family home.....via The Socialite Family

Lavender goat's cheese spread via the Fresh Exchange

Lovely Pip from Meet me at Mikes has put together a virtual mag of good stuff. It's fantastic and full of crafty, foody and gifty goodness. Thanks Pip!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family Sophie. Your baking and apricots look spectacular. I have loved following your blog this year xx

  2. Might I just say - are we the luckiest teachers ever? Shared the lemon/thyme syrup cake with Tom after kidlets went to bed! It was so yummy - the children didn't stand a chance of sampling. We polished it all off. Scrumptious! Tom has ordered a recipe investigation. Thanks so much Sophie and Merry Christmas to those other beautiful Hansens.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family! I just adore your blog and cannot wait for your book! A preserving the season dinner and workshop sounds divine - you could count me in!


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