To take the road less travelled


I know this post isn’t related to food, farmers or the usual content that appears here - but it is related to me, and a bit of art never hurt anyone...

My mother Annie Herron is a Sydney-based artist and has an exhibition opening TODAY at  Paddington’s Barry Stern Gallery (19 Glenmore Road). I happened to be in town over the weekend and just as the exhibition had been put together, popped in for a quick look and celebratory glass of wine with Mum.

Titled, ‘To take the road less travelled’, it is a beautiful collection of sculptures and paintings and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

The exhibition closes on December 14, so if you are in Sydney over this time, please pop in and have a look. This is ‘feel good art’ in the best possible way.

To celebrate her exhibition, we ambled up the road for a Negroni (the cough medicine flavour goes after a while and they make me feel very grown up) at my favourite wine bar in that part of town; 10 William St


  1. I really liked the birdie sculptures and the board meeting....the caravan with the clothes line....congrats to your Mum.... Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. These are amazing and just so beautiful Sophie...your mum is so talented. I adore the caravan!! If only we were not so far from Sydney x

  3. Thanks Sophie - do love your Mum's works. Congrats too on your book and book cover am so looking forward to when that's released.


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