The Friday List


Our home isn't set up for hot weather here and our little valley is better suited to heavy frosts, the occassional snow fall and general bitter cold; so this week of oppressive heat has been a long one. Every morning we shut the house up before 8am and hope for the best but by 2pm are generally seeking escape to air conditioned neighbours or the local pool.

Goodness it's dry in the country at the moment; lets all hope that the heat breaks as 'they' predict it will on Sunday and that rain comes soon. Please.

In the meantime, above are a few pictures from our week; 1,2,3,4 & 5. Our outing to the Canowindra pool yesterday was just perfect and we even came home with a few beautiful watermelons from the roadside stall opposite. 6. Slowly getting through our apricot jam stash. 7 & 8. Our Kurrajong tree dropping leaves and looking very thirsty. 9 & 10. A few extra pics from Mum and Dad's woolshed/studio.

The Friday List

I loved this story about Australian journalist Georgia Frances King landing pretty much the best gig in magazines at the moment (well to me at least!) - the role of editor at Kinfolk Magazine. And she's only 24! Wowsers. Sounds like Ms King is going completely ace this one. As she tells Broadsheet "We want to show people that we can do more than just beautiful food shots and ridiculously good looking bearded men baking fish in sand pits after getting off their row boat."

This weekend I'd love to make; this summer spice bircher for breakfast, or perhaps this blueberry breakfast loaf then maybe a wholegrain cherry almond crisp and at some point squeeze in a plate of
Crispy polenta and sweet potato chips from My New Roots

Loving this new blog from Tasmania

Lots of eye candy here for your Friday morning via this round-up of images  from Portuguese photography blog De Alma, and how amazing does this summer party look.

Handmade gnocchi over an open fire in an Oslo market - beautiful images here on photographer Marte Marie Forsberg's blog Le Voyage Creatif (by the way - discovering this blog is like falling down Alice's rabbit hole; so many beautiful images from some of my favourite parts of the world...)

Armchair travel - First up, holy moly...lets all go to Lima and stay here...and then head straight to Tuscany for a brief spell in this little corner of heaven.


  1. I am so thankful for air con. It's been stinking hot down here (lower Blue Mtns) too. We are on the escarpment which means we cop the same weather as Penrith. Horrible. Here's to a cooler Sunday!

  2. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Sunday's promised cool change too! Hope you are staying cool. Thanks for the link love ... some really lovely links for me to explore this weekend. I often wonder, how you manage to do such nice ones every Friday! Happy weekend Sophie. x

  3. I really love your Friday lists, Sophie. I'm already a fan of Kinfolk & Sneh / Cook Republic but some great new (to me!) stuff here too. And loving your photos as always.
    P.S.: It's minus 10 degrees here at the moment - want to swap?!

  4. We never got around to visiting Canowindra while living in Orange. Looks like a lovely little spot there.
    Have a lovely week. x
    p.s just saw you and your lovely little family in the Dettol add. Congrats.

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