The Friday List


Well, it's been another hot and dry week here on the farm. And I apologise for sounding like a broken record about this whole weather situation but it's kind of hard to stop thinking and talking about at the moment. So while the grass dries and the sun fries, I've been indulging in a little escapism over in internet-land. Plus sneaking in the odd cake, when I can bear to have the oven on. The above was a blackberry and peach butter cake we took on an Australia Day picnic. It went straight from the oven to the picnic basket in the back of the ute and was then sat on by a dog. So. No photo of that one.

Here are some of my favorite posts and above, photos from the week that was.

The Friday List

Lemon and star anise poached pears with chocolate sauce and a living room to match.

I love the idea of this Farmbar. Beautifully captured by one of my favourite photographers, Olivia Rae James

The Cookbook Diaries is a blog by a very cool New Yorker writing a cookbook, one recipe and one blog post at a time all from her tiny Manhattan apartment. Great idea hey...

Speaking of brilliant ideas - maybe make this self-saucing chocolate pudding on the weekend.

I'd really like to escape the heat and talk a cool, crisp walk in this Swedish scene. And then sit down to this duck and citrus salad.

Not long now till apple season, lets get in the mood with these pretty pics 

How cool does this place look? Would love something similar in our neck of the woods.

Even when your cupboards are at their'll still be able to whip up this yummy number with no problems.

Need a new Friday evening tipple? How about this peach and rosemary summer fizz? Yes purlease. 


  1. I hope you guys get some respite soon, Soph. In the meantime a peach and rosemary summer fizz oughta help!!! x

  2. I didn't need to see a baked photo of that Blackberry & Peach cake…my eyes have already eaten it as it is!!! Delicious! And…I can't wait for your new cookbook- very excited for you!

  3. Look at those gorgeous deer! They are awesome. Cake looks yum too :)

  4. Hi Sophie! Thanks so much for the Cookbook Diaries shout-out :) You blog is gorgeous...can't wait to read more! xo Anna

  5. We are on the same weather broken record Sophie...SO hot and dry. Oh my that cake looks gorgeous, I wonder if it recovered from being sat on!? Great (distracting!) links as always. Have a lovely weekend...stay cool. Homemade iced coffee is the only thing getting me through at the moment x

  6. I know what you mean about the hot dry weather. We are feeding sheep, and it's hard work keeping water up to the vege garden! Will definitely have to try that blackberry peach cake - the blackberries are still powering on despite the dry. I'm making spiced plum paste after being given a big bag of plums.


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