Oh hang it.


And now for something completely different.

A few weeks ago I printed some big posters for my book's launch celebrations. After a few enquiries about selling them, I thought it couldn't hurt to try! So ... here goes nothing.

Bright, affordable, a bit of fun, I think of these as wall candy. The posters cost $100 each, are printed on thick coated paper to AO size (841 × 1189) and come as a limited run of 10 copies for each image.

So if you have a wall that needs some love and are working on a limited budget, please pop over here and see what you think! And note that I can supply the prints framed or unframed. More prints will be added to the store in coming weeks.

This Way Please - This arrow points drivers down a windy road near our farm. I took it on my way to interview a wool classer in the middle of last year's shearing season.

Flower show - Bright, beautiful and happy to sit or hang in any special corner, this photograph shows the 2014 flower display at my favourite country show in Rydal NSW (also available unframed for $65).

Fawn at the window - Meet J'amai, the poddy fawn living in our garden. Unfairly named by my husband Tim, she really is sweet. Despite the fact that she is eating her way through every growing thing in the garden.

Almond blossoms - Last August we visited an almond orchard just out of Griffith NSW. The trees were in full blossom and it was like entering some kind of fairy land. This photo takes me back there.

Take a seat - To me this picture is classic country show - the folding chairs, the stage ready for Miss Showgirl's crowning and of course, the proudly strung flag. I took this at the 2014 Rydal Show.

Big thank you to my clever buddy Addy Nuthall whose living room and legs appear in all of the above pictures. Addy is the Young-based interior designer behind Pink Jam Trading. She is one of the coolest ladies I know and just the person to call if ever you feel the need for a bit of an interiors spruce-up (she does everything from whole houses to rooms and even just a fancy new chair).


  1. You are too clever! x

  2. I like them Sophie...the old show chairs are my favourite x

  3. What a lovely and clever idea! Oh and congratulations on your book. It looks amazing and I must get a copy really soon. That fawn is too cute! x


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