The Friday List


Good morning! Here's hoping everyone had a great week. I'm writing from Rydal, NSW, where I'll be spending much of the next month, cooking for Mum's art classes (so my apologies if the posts are a little sparse for the next little while!). And if you are in the Central Tablelands of NSW at all...rug up this weekend, we've been told that the temperature will peak at just 4 degrees tomorrow! Brrr.

The Friday List

Far and Close by Copenhagen-based photographer and writer Nana Hagel is my absolute favourite new blog. Discovering this 'space' was like falling down a rabbit hole and I spent way too long scrolling through her beautiful posts and wishing I was over in Europe discovering all those places too!

Another stunning post from Call me Cupcake. Gosh she's clever.

I would really love to spend a month just writing and hanging out at this retreat in Tuscany. Oh yes I would.

Avocado cup salads - genius.

This striped jumper from my friend Prue's online store Olive and Clover is top of my Mothers' Day wish list - please Tim?

I've just finished a whole bunch of new recipes for Beerenberg, including this marmalade cake with a crunchy topping. All of them are now live.

Fried apple pie? Via the always amazing blog French Cuisse

Winter fruit and veg as eye candy. By French photographer Floret Tanet

Lentil quinoa cakes with minted yogurt sauce via Clementine Daily. Yummo.

10 ways to preserve rhubarb thanks to Food in Jars

Make your own naturally flavoured Italian sodas

Home envy - this beautiful Gothenburg pad.

If you're still feeling flush with Royal love,maybe whip up this ridiculously gorgeous Victoria Sponge


  1. Beautiful photos as always, Sally. I reckon your mum's art class are very lucky to have you cook for them! Hope you'll be keeping up your Friday lists - there's always something to pique my interest on there! June.

  2. Wow, Sophie, I just saw on my Google Analytics that I had gotten a lot of traffic from here - thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it and I am so glad I found your blog - absolutey beautiful and I am following along from now on!!


  3. blog post is excellent probably because of how well the subject was developed. I like some of the comments too though I would prefer we all stay on the subject in order add value to the subject!


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