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Good morning all! Spring is about to spring and the countryside here in Orange is looking just beautiful with blossoms blooming everywhere and paddocks greening up almost before our eyes as the bitter cold gives way to milder days.

We are off to visit friends in Harden tomorrow and then to Grenfell on Sunday morning for the Breakfast Table (I'll be there to chat about my book and will be selling and signing it there too!). So if you are in that area, pop down and say hi, should be a great morning (from 8am at the Henry Lawson Oval, Grenfell). In the meantime, as always, here's a little round up of links that I loved this week. Happy reading...

The program for our annual wine festival has just been released and is full of fantastic events; including a cracker here at our farm on October 26. Here's the full program for Orange Wine Week 2014. See you there!

Love this outdoor setting and glimpse into life in San Fransisco's Sunset district

It's been a while since we threw a proper dinner party... way too long actually... so hoping this post might help get my entertaining mojo back...

Ruby grapefruit and rhubarb lemonade via My Little Fabric

Ever mistaken art for food? This is great - eating Robert Gobers bag of donuts..

Talking of food as art, these double chocolate almond butter trail cookies are indeed a thing of beauty.

Would love a big bowl of this spiced beetroot and ginger soup with coconut cream for dins tonight.

This new-to-me blog is set to become a big favourite; Liesl Made is all about cooking, sewing, knitting and growing and it's gorgeous.

The Guardian's 10 best healthy snacks. 

The ultimate coconut vanilla sundae. 

I loved this video (below) on an orange blossom harvest in Liguria. It's just beautiful and well worth the eight minutes!

Orange Blossom Harvest from FoodieTV on Vimeo.


  1. I work in a gallery and the things people do to artworks boggles the mind. Love the donut misunderstanding!


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