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Yesterday evening we went for a little walk on the farm. In the five days since I've been away, it seems like the grass has grown almost a foot, that summer has precociously arrived and with it, some kind of seed has released itself into the air making half of our little household (Tom and I) sneeze and wheeze all day. Never mind. It's good to be home.

Here are a couple of pics from our stroll, Alice grabbed my camera while I was closing a gate and snapped this as I turned, and as someone who hates all photos of herself, here's one I don't mind that much. Thanks my little friend.

Orange Wine Week is in full swing here in our parts and tonight's night market at Robertson Park is going to be fantastic. We are going (not with our own stand this time, just as punters - yay) and then heading home to prep for a big lunch at the Farm Kitchen. Sunday is dedicated to Tom's fifth birthday celebrations and we're doing a bit of a 'star wars in the paddock' thing. Hope you all have fun weekends planned too - with a little spare time perhaps to catch up on a little e-reading...and here are a few links to get things started...

Eat this poem's literary city guides are my favourite kind of travel writing - smart, beautifully written and packed with wonderful insider tips and with a big fat focus on seeking out the best, most authentic food experiences in town. Am bookmarking this one for the Morocco trip we are taking next my head/dreams.

I lap up every post on Lady and Pups and loved especially this one. Am definitely making mean santa sauce for Christmas this year.

One bowl banana bread cinnamon rolls - can't wait to try this recipe.

Chocolate glazed toasted coconut donuts from Oh Lady Cakes. Oh Wow

Love this blog and really really love the look of these salty pecan vanilla oat cookie sandwiches

London Bakes is my new favourite blog of the week.

Oh wait - no, My Blue and White Kitchen is too. Holy moly, everything about this blog draws me in; I adore scandinavian baking and this blog is chock full of sweet, spiced, yeasted goodness. What a find!

I have been wanting a waffle-maker for ages and this post just tipped the scales completely for the waffle camp. How beautiful do they look!

We are saving our pennies to build a little pantry for our kitchen (currently everything is shoved into three big drawers and it's a bit frustrating...) so this post by SF Girl by Bay has given me loads of ideas. None of them in my price range but still inspiring!


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, Sophie!

  2. Hi Sophie! Thanks for the shout-out! I'm totally fascinated by your farm life; you have created a truly lovely space. Definitely visiting again.

    Hope you have a fabulous spring weekend,


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