Christmas recipes


Christmas is by far and away my favourite time of year, and it's also the time when, as much as possible, I hit the kitchen and cook just for the pure pleasure of it, and for the people I love. Here are some favourite Christmas recipes from the blog's archives, I hope you get the chance to try one or two in the next 10 days!

Christmas pudding
Cherry cordial
Vanille Kranse
Spiced fruit scrolls and vanilla roast berries for Christmas breakfast
Shortbread hearts
Jocie Chapman's pistachio shortbreads
Michael Manners' mince pies 
Adelaide Harris's panpepato
Kathy Snowball's meringue and strawberry mess
Christmas cake, recipe from Racine Bakery


  1. Merry Christmas Sophie! Your apricot jam was a great easy and so tasty! x

  2. I will definitely be making those spice fruit scrolls- I love making scrolls! At Christmas I often wish our family was bigger so I had an excuse to make/bake more Christmas foods. There's only so much one family can eat or fit in the fridge!

    PS. I've been steadily making my way through your cookbook. It's lovely ;)

  3. Merry Christmas, belatedly, Sophie. I'm sorry I've missed your posts... fell ill just before xmas, again... All this sounds just beautiful.


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