Save the date - Autumn workshops!


We have dates! Luisa Brimble, Stephanie Stamatis and I are really thrilled to be announcing two new food photography and styling workshops for Autumn 2015. After such a great first workshop back in November, we are coming together again and hope you can make it! Numbers are limited so please look at your diary and have a think before bookings open via a post here (with more details) at 10am on Monday, January 5.

What a fantastic Christmas present to yourself!!! Join us back at Kimbri Farm for a completely unique Local is Lovely Pracshop™ - a practical workshop focusing 80% practical shooting and 20% theory. During practical shooting we will discuss and put in practice how to use your camera, photography basics, lighting, composition, angles, camera gear, planning your own photoshoots, and the working relationship between photographer and stylist. 20% theory will cover things like the art of seeing technique and exercises; workflow, editing and ways to help you find your own style, collaboration and social media presence. We be rolling up our sleeves and together pick orchard fruit and olives from Kimbri farm, style a beautiful table setting among the trees and cook and eat there too. Luisa and Steph will be on hand to teach us how to shoot and style the whole process (from vignettes to raw ingredients, cooking and end result). There will be shared meals in the orchard, an early breakfast in the paddock, and we'll all come away full of inspiration and content. Our two days together will be a unique experience in editorial styling and shooting. It will be a group effort. It will be hands on, delicious and inspiring. You'll go away not only shooting with confidence (using manual settings of course!) but with a whole new way of thinking about styling and composition plus loads of new recipes and cooking experience.  Cost is $900pp and includes two full days workshop, all meals and accomodation (BYO).

31 Mar/1 April - Autumn Harvest, apples, pears and quinces
25/26th May - Autumn harvest, olives

Kimbri Farm, 2 1/2 hours west of Sydney

Because you will learn, share, create, collaborate, cooperate and have a ball.

We will be opening bookings for these workshops via the blog at 10am on Monday, January 5. Watch this space. 

Photo above by Luisa Brimble. 


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