The Friday list


This weekend we are hosting two lunches at the farm kitchen and are expecting snow at some stage and so Tim will be busy putting out silage for the deer so they can keep their energy up during these bitterly cold days. All up it's going to be a busy and cold weekend.  But just for the moment I’m going to pretend we are having a nice quiet weekend at home and I’ll be able to make and read the following;

Elephantine’s Easy apple tart
101 Cookbook’s rose petal granola
Raspberry ice cream pie from another new favourite blog Eat Sleep Cuddle
The latest issue from Fete Press
Pip's winter superfood salad

Beautiful blogs about living locally:
A word of warning, spending time over at Manger might leave you with a touch of lifestyle envy. Mimi is beautiful and clever. She lives in France's Medoc region with her cool French family and makes and blogs about delicious regional French food. Sigh.

Imen McDonnell married an Irish farmer and blogs about it with great humour and style. Her recipes are gorgeous, I'm definitely going to try the one for hay ice cream next.

Sam and Catherine's blog Island Menu makes me want to go to Tasmania and fish, cook and shop there for weeks. 

My posts elsewhere this week
Six ways to make food shopping with kids (much) more fun
10 more dishes to make from the cupboard over on Village Voices
Poppyseed cake with roasted vanilla and rosemary oranges over on JustB


  1. I wish you were hosting lunch for me this weekend Sarah!! Your delicious food and recipes make me crave some fresh Australian meals. Have had enough snow this year though have been waiting for summer for so long. Thank-you for the lovely email pleasure to feature your gorgeous blog .
    Enjoy your weekend and stay warm.
    Carla x


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