The August List


Team Hansen is heading off to Griffith tomorrow for the town's annual Festa delle Salsicce and my last producer interview for 'the book'. I was just speaking with one of the festival's organisers who tells me that this year's competition has been a 'strong year for salami' and will report back with pics and all the winners on Monday.

In the meantime, here's a collection of light reading for the is, er, rather comprehensive and a rather telling summary of how much time I've been spending pottering around the interwebs this week when I should have been working or doing laundry. In any case, I say it's all in the name of research, and surely that's semi-legitimate?

 Happy reading. I'm turning the modem off now and getting back to work.


  1. Really enjoyed going through your list this month. Lovely to discover Lushloves and I enjoyed the piece on gesture writing. I often find the feeling I want to convey is already fully formed - the picture is beautiful in my head - but the struggle comes at the expression stage. Practice, practice I say to my children! x

  2. I was just admiring the beautifully braided blueberry bread (tongue twister alert) the other day and as always Joy the Baker tempts me away from worrying about the seasons with her beautiful breakfast cake.
    And thank you for the suggestion of new Australian bloggers to follow. I am always interested to see what my fellow antipodean foodie bloggers are up to.

  3. Your lists are always full of inspiration for me - love the new Lunchlady blog and it's always good to be reminded of the beautiful things over at Island Menu, Kinfolk and Local Milk and delicious things like Emma's braided blueberry bread and Happy Yolk's grilled pizza (yes!) - which is why it's such a pleasant surprise to see one of my posts up there too. Thanks so much for the mention! ;)


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