The Friday List


As promised last week, here's a mixed bag of five links for Friday. Happy reading and have a great weekend. Sophiex

Because I just had a disaster in the kitchen and am searching for meaning in my mistakes; I'm kicking off this little list with the below few lines via Eat this Poem by Wendell Berry. I love the idea of all our accidents gathering together for some higher purpose, and the look of that maceroni and cheese recipe too! Thank you for your blog Nicole and for giving us something both cerebral and delicious to think about.

Over all its scars has come the seamless whit 
of the bark.
It bears the gnarls of its history 
healed over. 
It has risen to a strange perfection
in the wrap and bending of its long growth.
It has gathered all accidents into its purpose."
-Wendell Berry, from "The Sycamore"

Thanks to A Beautiful Mess, I'm inspired to make a clementine wall like this in my kitchen. And still on painting doors and walls - this paint job in Madrid is the best cafe entrance I've ever seen

Would love these Cheese and pickle scrolls for lunch today please

Or The Poor Porker's roasted red capsicum and bacon bruschetta 

Oh hello - this one-dish Portuguese chicken and potatoes looks like the perfect Saturday-night-with-friends-feast


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