Stills and (a little) Friday List


Here's wishing everyone a very happy 2014! It's been a great couple of weeks here at the farm but dry, so dry. We are feeding the deer most days now and like everyone in the country I guess, hoping hard for rain to come soon.

Because the kids are on holidays and we are spending most days at the pool or waterhole, I haven't spent much time at the computer recently so while today's Friday List isn't exactly extensive, there's some good stuff in there...


1. One of our beautiful big stags, they really do have a regal go about them don't they. 2. Filling the hopper with grain yesterday. 3. Walking the line down at our waterhole. 4, 5, 6 & 7. Pics from my favourite night of the year, Christmas Eve. 8. I just posted a recipe for lavender honeycomb over on Village Voices.

The Friday List

A Swedish Fika for cold mornings...Everything about this post by Babes in Boyland is perfect to me - from the photography to the light, styling and recipes. Am definitely bookmarking this recipe for our winter! Note - the recipes are in Swedish but if you scroll down through the comments you'll find both translated into English.

We just updated the calender of events for our Farm Kitchen - join us here for lunch soon, it's fun!

Recipes to start the year right, from Sous Style

This collection of recipes looks like the perfect wedding present

Love the idea of this cafe in Amsterdam

A resolution cake? Yes. Excellent idea! Thank you Molly!

Oh wow - these guys do it so well. Check out the Food Dept's latest post.

Roasted fruit ice cream seems to be 'on trend' at the moment and I'm down with that. Can't wait to try this roasted peach and this roasted strawberry ice creams. Yummo.

Peppermint white chocolate tart by adventures in cooking

Almond and dill stuffed salmon from Kenko Kitchen - perfect summer dinner


  1. Oh my goodness you're photo's are magical! Amazing!

  2. Hi Sophie...your photos are magical as Kristie said. Those deers (or should it just be deer?) in a uniquely Australian setting are perfect for Christmas aren't they? I cant believe how beautiful that little one is mingling at your picnic, it almost looks fake!

    You look so relaxed and cool in that pretty green dress, my daughter and I have both declared we need a more Little Tienda in our wardrobes. Happy Friday :)

  3. Hi Sophie... Your stag photo reminded me to say this! We have been watching Paddock to Plate and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the story Matt did on you and your husbands property. Was great to see it for real!! One day I would live to come down your way and do a foodies tour

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