Down at the waterhole


While it's as dry as can be out on the farm, there's one spot on our place that's cool, shady and pretty great for afternoon swims. And that's the spring-fed waterhole in the very furthest part of the property.

During the winter our neighbour dug it out from a small swimming hole to a rather sizeable pool-ish body of water that we love (thank you thank you thank you Luke). And while the 'pool' is still filling up and there are plenty of thistles, stinging nettles, snakes and blackberry bushes currently in the vicinity, we love it down there (though this winter plan to plant some nice grass in place of this prickly, un-hospitable foliage).

Last week we had a few friends over for an evening picnic. Tom fell into a patch of stinging nettles, the big boys nearly stepped on a black snake, the bigger boys drank un-fancy beer in stubbie holders and a fair few packets of chips were passed around. So no, you wouldn't call this a fancy affair (at all). But the Mexican pork, guacamole, corn and red onion relish tortillas were pretty darn delicious and everyone had lots of fun.

Among the guests at our little bush bash was the lovely Prue Hufton of Olive and Clover, and her family. Prue's online shop is AWESOME and the source of my green Mexican dress, pictured above, which I wore pretty much every day throughout the Christmas period and just love.

All the recipes pictured here can be found today over on Olive and Clover's blog.


  1. The umbrella is very cute! What a beautiful watering hole :)

  2. This sounds like our sort of gathering Sophie, love it! Your food looks delicious as always. In the fourth photo...your friend in the dress with the pink frill...I have that dress too, great minds. The waterhole looks like a perfect place to relax and cool off. x

  3. Glorious! Happy holidaze, Soph and the gang. Your green dress is perfect holiday dressing. x

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