The Friday List


Hello! The kids and I ducked down to Sydney for a few days this week to stay with my Mum and Dad, and despite the cool wet weather (which would have been much more welcome out west), visit the Museum, the beach and a play or two. It's been brilliant but we are missing poor Tim who is back home keeping the home fires not burning.

Last night we hit the beach at my favourite place in Sydney, Watsons Bay then an early dinner at the newly revamped Watsons Bay Hotel, pictured above (how cool are those PET Lamps).

I'd have liked to share more images and links today but have been waylaid by computer and camera issues...clearly I have much to learn about blogging on the move! Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

The Friday List

Gorgeous Middle Eastern menu from a new favourite blog, A House in the Hills. I'm also very keen to try their lime and coriander tacos.

We are loving our own outdoor movie nights but they aren't nearly as flash as this set up...

Speaking of outdoor movies, these homemade twix bars would a good alternative to good old popcorn

A gorgeous summer dinner party menu from one of my favourite Australian chefs/food writers; Pope Joan's Matt Wilkinson (the smashed fig and blue cheese salad looks so good)

And here's another great collection of summer recipes from Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz (via EatLove)

I do love kale, but not this much

Infusion workshop with Local Milk. Looks so beautiful.

If like us, you aren't taking a holiday this summer, here's some great armchair travel via new travel website Jungles in Paris

And speaking of far flung places and sensory overloads...could this Shanghai experience be the future of dining? Um...I sort of hope not.


  1. From hot, dusty outback NSW I am loving the look of the Watsons Bay Hotel Sophie! I could jump on a plane right now. Thanks for sharing, something else to add to my places-to-see-in-Sydney list x

  2. Jungles in Paris is such a find. Thanks Soph!! x

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