And the show goes on


Last Saturday, as it has for over eighty years, the village of Rydal held its annual show. I’ve been going along for most of my life and still try to get there every year. Tim just couldn’t get away from the farm this year, but Alice, Tom and I ducked down for a day and a night at my parents’ home just near Rydal village (about 1 1/2 hours from Orange, near Lithgow).

And I’m really glad for it.

As country shows do for communities around Australia, this one gave us all a major and needed morale boost. And while the day was hot and dusty, and the produce and flower displays smaller than past, wetter years, (lots of roses though - god bless those hardy things) - everyone was there. Everyone made an effort to come, help, talk, eat and drink together and it was good.

So at the risk of being repetitive (I posted about the show last year too), here are a few photos from our day at the show. Thank you to its organisers and the volunteers (including my Dad) who make it happen.


  1. You have captured the spirit of a country show so perfectly Sophie...I can almost smell the lovely aroma of steak sandwiches and animals mingling in with the dust from here x

  2. Great photos...last year we supported a local show near us and the kids put in artwork which was a real buzz too. We will be going back again this year to support them as well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. You cannot beat a country show. The wood hopping is my favourite. x


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