The Friday List


Well, it rained. It finally rained this week and wowsers, it's amazing what a bit of precipitation can do. The trees, grass and folk of our farm have perked up no end and I swear I can already see tinges of green around the place. Here's hoping that everyone else in need of rain 'events' were as lucky?

Also, we are opening the farm gates and firing up the ovens in our Farm Kitchen on Saturday, March 8 - so if you are/or can be in the area, will you come to lunch with us? Email me to book.

The Friday List

Kicking off today's Friday List with a timely little poem about rain and granola recipe to match, from the always wonderful Eat this Poem

Weekend baking; this dense chocolate loaf cake, a frozen fruit crumb tart, these raw almond linzer cookies with jam filling from Oh Ladycakes and perhaps a batch of these lavender cupcakes with candied primroses?

And speaking of cake; I could do some damage to the old paypal account on this website...definitely want the little deer cupcake toppers (cute addition to our dessert for next month's Farm Kitchen lunch?? Or a little too much..?)

Now the weather has cooled a little, I'm a bit excited about making this rustic coconut and lamb curry

Dinner in Paris. Sigh. But if we can't get there, perhaps a batch of these nutella crepes will fill the void for a bit?

I know this is controversial but I tend to agree with the Huffington Post that quinoa is a bit weird (but maybe I'm not cooking it properly?) anyway, here are their grain alternatives...

So. I really wish I looked this cool in my kitchen (that isn't in NYC or at all stylish). any case, I always love checking in with The Selby and the sartorial goodness it offers.

Have loved discovering this new blog and can't wait to make these maple apple bars.

Making fruit leather at home rocks, as I discovered this week thanks to this article...

And also via The Guardian, could this be the perfect banana bread recipe?

I honestly love this website; Honestly Yum


  1. I am so pleased you got some rain Sophie! A great (distracting!) list once again. Those deer cupcake toppers are beautiful...they would be great for Christmas decorating/styling/cooking too. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. I've just this minute blended my TEN cloves of garlic and onions to make the rustic indian curry - though I'm making ours with chicken. I saw the recipe on her blog the other day and knew it was mine!!
    Lovely news about the rain. We got some, but seem to draw the short straw in the district!!! Oh well. Beggars can't be choosers!
    Have a great weekend. If we lived closer, I would def. book into your farm kitchen for a meal.


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