The Friday List, Autumn and baby bundt cakes


Hooray for Autumn. Finally it has arrived and the mornings are cool, the grass green and our kitchen full of quinces, chestnuts, mushrooms apples and pears.

Yesterday we spent a golden couple of hours in the garden of my parents-in-law; picking saffron cap mushrooms and quinces and now I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate both into a venison dish for one of our F.O.O.D Week events. Any ideas?

Here is today's Friday List. Happy reading!

The Friday List

Love this post from the Lunch Lady.

I made these baby banana and walnut bundt cakes with hot caramel sauce (above) for my friend Prue of Olive and Clover when we caught up last week in Young (the kimono above is one of hers - online now) and the recipe is on the Olive and Clover blog

Speed folded peanut sugar morning buns from an angry food blog. Yes really. 

15 food reasons the Spanish are better at life - do agree? It's a compelling case...

I want to move into this London cafe.

This weekend I'd love to cook these zucchini fritters and these Crispy sweet potato straws (3-ways) from the Edible Perspective. Perhaps also a batch of sizzling fajitas?

I love everything about this Irish blog, and am particularly keen to try these Sticky Whiskey Toffee Puddings

Parsnip gratin from a new discovery Feasting at Home

And also new to me; Wholehearted Eats. Beautiful healthy food beautifully photographed

This is a bit cute - mailable cake slices from the House that Lars Built

Armchair travel - lets go and stay in this Belgian monastery (via Dustjacket Attic) then Manchu Pichu and stay here.


  1. Have I told you lately how much I love your blog? Probs not, so I am now. Always love reading your blog and I do click madly on your suggestions - when I have the time - and am always rewarded. Only thing is it's nearly 11pm on a Friday night and I've just admitted to spending my free time reading blogs. Damn, my life is exciting.

  2. Lovely! What a treat to find you-thanks to BabyMac.

  3. Ok, so this is coming from a vegetarian but my husband loves lamb and quince tagine...


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