The Friday List


Hello and happy Friday! Haven't had much of a chance to explore the net this week, so here are just a few links that I stumbled across, and a few more photos of our wintery week on the farm. We have a group coming to the Farm Kitchen for a lunch tomorrow so I'd better head up there to peel some spuds. Wishing you all a great weekend. Sophiex

Pics, from top to bottom; Mum has been making cumquat jam; Ali and Tom in Mum and Dad's cubby house and the bottom three pics; we've had some harsh weather this week and there's more to come tomorrow and Sunday, so have been putting out a bit of supplementary grain for the herd, just to keep their energy levels up in these freezing temperatures.

The Friday List

Armchair travel; so loving Tim and Kesh Coulson's travel diary via Afield. What an adventure and what beautiful images. And while we're in Europe; This Swedish summer house looks just like my cup of tea.

I love cauliflower as much as the next person, but am not entirely sure they can stand up as 'steaks'? Will try this recipe over the weekend and report back. 

Just loving the Shady Baker's recent posts.

And this photo essay of 'off-the-grid' European farmers is pretty gorgeous too.

Definitely going to make Hugo and Elsa's apple cake very soon, and maybe also a batch of these gingery-pear 'hand pies'.

Cook Republic's nutty protein balls.

A 50-course, lab-prepared meal? Um. It all looks amazing but not all that appetising really...

This house, via The Design Files - could pretty much be my dream home. I think I may have said that before, but this time I REALLY mean it.  But because it belongs to somebody else, I'll just make do with my own little pad and maybe sulk a bit with a batch of this cinnamon, sugar crust cinnamon bread or perhaps a few of these lemon, almond, coconut ice cream sambos.


  1. Have you seen the whole roasted tandoori cauliflower recipe on My New Roots? Pretty amazing. It somehow seems more hearty when something is roasted whole and needs to be carved up afterwards. Yum! Will be watching to see how those steaks turn out for you :)

    I've still got bottles of cumquat brandy from last winter so will be avoiding those glorious orange gems this year. At least until we've managed to whittle down our existing supply!

  2. You are kind Sophie! Life on your farm looks good, those deer are beautiful. Happy weekend to you x


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