The winter of our content


After a slow, or rather, unseasonably warm start, winter is well and truly here now. The rain that’s sleeting down outside should soon turn to snow, (or at least slush) and it’s set to stay under 5 degrees all day.

So if like me, mid-winter makes you want to pop an apron on and knead something; here’s a little round-up of some of my favourite winter-y recipes from Local is Lovely, the book. I’m going to go with the walnut bread today. Hopefully Tom’s soccer practice is called off and we can come straight home after school and have it warm for afternoon tea.

And should you feel inspired to pick up a copy of my book to make any/all of these recipes, it’s available at shops nationally and right here from my own little online store. (I'll also wrap and sign each book and pop in a little winter tree postcard by Mum).

Stay warm and have a lovely day. Sophiex

Top collage, clockwise from top; Oatcakes with walnuts and stilton, pg 140. Rhubarb soup with 'doll bread' pg 183. Brune Kager (Danish brown biscuits), pg 109. Walnut, honey and carrot cake, pg 148.

Collage above, clockwise from top to bottom; Walnut bread, pg 180. Rhubarb crumble, pg 215. Spelt and buckwheat blini with red pear, honey and toasted buckwheat kernels, pg 184. Spelt and honey loaves, pg 176. 

Above; Caramelised oranges with rosemary; pg 189.  Below; Steamed orange pudding, pg 191.


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